Customer testimonials

We have chosen 1handplate for the simple reason that it is the best solution for eg a reception. You can now both have your canapés and glasses on the plate, thus you can simultaneously mingle around the other guests and give your hand. Our observation is that there is a more relaxed atmosphere between the guests, and 1handplate also gives people a little to talk about.

- Nikolaus Gerdes, Food & Beverage Manager

We have had great pleasure from 1handplate, which we have used for several receptions as well as for serving where it should be "something else". The functionality is top notch and even "untrained" can easily maneuver with plate and glass without problems. The material also makes the experience good, as it does not seem fragile, and then it keeps well, despite many times washing.”

- Mikkel Kroustrup, Hotel Manager

We at The Velux Foundations & Villum Window Collection are really happy about your plates and regularly use them for tapas / receptions events and for the dish. We are very happy about the simple look they have. It fits in very well with what we work with. Likewise, it's great to get rid of glass clips. The only challenge we have is that our guests just have to understand that they can put the glass in the plate. And then they are incredibly durable :)

- Daniel Steenander Johannsen, Head Chef

It is more the rule than the exception that networking is best done on free floor instead of around tables. Therefore, we are happy with 1handplate when we serve a small dish and at the same time offer a glass for our students.

- Thomas Bigum, CEO

1handPlate solves the guests' returning problem perfectly and then it has a nice design.

- Henrik Staalsø, PA for CEO and Vice President

The Swedish Embassy has purchased 1handplate for use at receptions, where we serve a glass of wine and canapés or similar. It is usually a problem to be able to print with guests while juggling a glass and a plate. Our guests often comment on how simple it is with 1handplate, to have the plate and glass in the same hand. There are also many who have commented on the plate's beautiful, modern design.

- Glenn Slaikjär, Social Secretary

On the occasion of a large opening event of new offices, we encountered more or less randomly on 1handPlate. 1handPlate turned out to be a really good new acquaintance that solves the eternal problem in simply not having hands enough in a reception situation - and then in an elegant and reusable design. Our guests were great excited and we look forward to using the plates again for the next event.

- Lisbet Kjær, Marketing Coordinator