One plate,
one family

1handplate family

One plate,
one story

While attending an event in 2008, the Faroese architect Jóannes Petersen found himself juggling the two tasks of eating and greeting people. Shaking hands was a tricky task while holding on to a plate of food and a glass of wine.

His quest was clear: to design a plate that allows chatting and handing out business cards, while at the same time being able to enjoy the food and drink. No dinner plate shall ever limit your social opportunities ever again!

So, the idea was born and the architect designed the perfect plate for receptions and other social gatherings. The elegantly curved design makes it easy to handle both glass and food with only one hand.

Today, 1handPlate is a family-run company focusing on the quality and craftsmanship of a functional plate. Our philosophy helps turn receptions and social gatherings into easy-going, friendly, and memorable social events.

Beautiful dinner plate in nordic design. Has a hole in the centre, that conveniently holds a champagne glass.
faroese heritage
plate for standing events, parties, weddings and receptions in a nordic design, inspired by a shrimp

One plate,
one design

Inspired by our family’s roots on the Faroe Islands, the design has its backbone in Nordic aesthetics. The round shape of a prawn was the inspiration for the curvy design, which enables a glass to balance at the center of the plate.

family and friends enjoying their time together, while holding plates with a hole for the wine glass


1handplate designer and father

Jóannes Petersen

Designer & co-founder

1handplate cofounder and mother

Marianna Andreassen


1handplate cofounder and daughter in law

Marina Moraitis


1handplate ceo and son

Hans Christian Andreassen

CEO & co-founder

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Size chart

The size chart is meant to serve as a reference for our customers to decide which size is suitable for them. The plates are hand polished and some plates may therefore vary from these measurements but you can still use them as a guide.

Small 1handPlate

a: 207 mm

b: 207 mm

c: 56 mm

d: 13 mm

Big 1handPlate

a: 228 mm

b: 228 mm

c: 56 mm

d: 13 mm

Big 1handPlate Champagne

a: 228 mm

b: 228 mm

c: 45 mm

d: 13 mm