The one handed
plate for your
special events

Hold a glass and a plate
using just one hand

1handPlate is the elegant choice for eating and mingling at weddings, parties, receptions and other social gatherings. The clever design of 1handPlate enables you to have one hand completely free.

It’s the perfect one-handed plate with a glass holder for the champagne glass
This innovative dinner plate with a hole for a champagne glass allows a glass to perfectly balance at the centre of the plate.
"We have chosen 1handplate for the simple reason that it is the best solution for e.g. a reception."
- Nikolaus Gerdes, Food & Beverage Manager
"We have had great pleasure from 1handplate, which we have used for several receptions as well as for serving where it should be something else."
- Mikkel Kroustrup, Hotel Manager
"We at The Velux Foundations & Villum Window Collection are really happy about your plates and regularly use them for tapas / receptions events and for the dish."
- Daniel Steenander Johannsen, Head Chef


Girl having fun while holding a plate with glass holder

Brings people together

1handPlate lets you and your guests enjoy social events with grace. It’s a plate that truly brings everyone together.

People networking and not held back by their plates
Woman holding a party plate with glass holder
White plates that are easy to stack

Impress your guests

The easy to hold and easy to use design of the 1handPlate makes your guests feel comfortable and confident.


1handPlate dinner plates are beautiful and functional

Beautiful and functional

The round shape of a prawn is the inspiration behind the curved design. This innovative design allows a glass to perfectly balance at the centre of the plate. There is a 1handPlate for every occasion.

1handPlate dinner plates are stackable and storable

Stackable and storable

The minimalistic design is easy to stack, allowing it to be conveniently placed. The 1handPlate is a decorative part of any table arrangement and looks great even when not in use.

1handPlate dinner plates are 100% dishwasher safe

100% dishwasher safe

The 1handPlate is 100% dishwasher safe and can withstand temperatures of up to 100° Celsius.

1handPlate dinner plates are 100% food safe

Suitable for food

1handPlate is made of melamine, the highest quality food-safe plastic on the market. It contains no harmful substances and is free of Bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates. The plate is food safety approved by the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark.

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Size chart

The size chart is meant to serve as a reference for our customers to decide which size is suitable for them. The plates are hand polished and some plates may therefore vary from these measurements but you can still use them as a guide.

Small 1handPlate

a: 207 mm

b: 207 mm

c: 56 mm

d: 13 mm

Big 1handPlate

a: 228 mm

b: 228 mm

c: 56 mm

d: 13 mm

Big 1handPlate Champagne

a: 228 mm

b: 228 mm

c: 45 mm

d: 13 mm